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A unique concept for stage heating

Stageheating is a new and unique method of heating a stage for musicians. Using specialist technology, the air beneath the stage is heated and rises upwards under pressure. This creates a pleasant climate for the musicians on the stage. Stageheating is the solution for concerts in converted churches, factory buildings, warehouses, castles and other non-heated spaces.

The benefits
  • Economical – only a part of the room need be heated
  • Can be installed in any space that would ordinarily be too cold for musicians
  • Silent operation causes no distraction for musicians or audience
  • No infrared light, ideal for TV and DVD recordings
  • Absence of radiant heat associated with surface heating, which can damage instruments
  • No direct air flow, leaving scores undisturbed
  • Suitable for use in listed buildings; zero impact on fragile structures*

* Study by the Government Buildings Agency 2015

Energy smart

Stageheating creates tailored heating solutions for any stage. Where possible, we will build on an existing structure. This prevents any unnecessary loss of heat to sections or areas of the room that do not need heating. Energy saving is always front of mind.

  • “Stageheating enables orchestra to perform the Bosch Requiem in comfort at the Sint-Janskathedraal in Den Bosch”
  • “World-class BBC Symphony Orchestra expresses satisfaction with on-stage heating”
  • “Celebrated Royal Concertgebouworkest will enjoy the benefits of our unique stage heating in 2016”
Pop concerts and outdoor stages

Stageheating is a reliable heating solutions partner for classical concerts in non-heated buildings. We also provide heating for pop concerts and other open-air events, using infrared technology, surface heating and blowers. We have a full inventory of all the equipment needed to make your outdoor concert or event a success. Stageheating offers bespoke solutions to meet your unique heating requirements. Our quote to you will be tailored to your brief.


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Stageheating is an initiative by Lion Event Support

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